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Estate planning and probate law for families in Fort Myers, FL.

Prather & Swank, P.A. is dedicated to assisting families in the Fort Myers, FL area. Without legal training, it’s difficult to understand and act accordingly when handling the passing of a family member and finishing their estate affairs.

If there is no will for the decedent, their remaining debts and possessions will go through the probate court process. Probate attorneys like those at Prather & Swank, P.A. can assist you and your family work through the probate administration process.

Revocable Living Trust Attorneys

The probate lawyers at Prather & Swank, P.A. also offer trust administration services to our clients. We use our knowledge of Florida law to help trustees meet the obligations of both the trust and Florida law. Even though a properly funded trust can avoid probate, certain documents must be filed with the court.

Having a will is a wise choice, but there are other options available for distributing your assets after you or a loved one dies. The attorneys at Prather & Swank, P.A. specialize in revocable living trusts. While there are many types of trusts, revocable living trusts typically allow its creator to change trust terms and remove or add assets to the trust. A properly funded revocable living trust can avoid probate after you pass away.

Estate Planning & Probate Law Experts of Prather & Swank, P.A.

Whether you’re seeking counsel for yourself or for a loved one, Prather & Swank, P.A. has the team available to help. We can assist you and your family through the probate process as well as establishing living trusts and wills. When you need legal representation or if you have questions about Probate & Trust Administration, call Prather & Swank, P.A. at 239-288-4315.

If you are seeking legal representation or have questions about Probate & Trust Administration, contact Prather & Swank, P.A. at 239-288-4315.