Trust and Will Preparation in Fort Myers, FL

When it’s time to make arrangements for your estate following your passing, it’s vital to know each of the options available to you. Prather & Swank, P.A. provides preparation for individually tailored legal documents that are in line with your requests and needs. These legal documents can take the form of wills or trusts. Each has their own advantage; your personal situation will dictate which is best for you.

Will Preparation in Fort Myers, FL

A will and a personal executor make sure that your goals and wishes are met following your death. A will also creates a simple and efficient way to distribute what you leave behind. If you don’t create a will, important decisions about your estate will be made without your input. This can result in the wrong person managing your estate. If you have children who are minors at the time of your death, a legal guardian is named in your will. A trust does not do this.

Revocable Living Trust

If you own multiple homes or pieces of real estate, a Revocable Living Trust is an excellent option, especially if your homes are in different states. A Revocable Trust can also let your family avoid probate after you pass away. Much like a will, a Revocable Living Trust can be changed in the event that you decide on different arrangements for your estate. If you become incapacitated and unable to make your own decisions, a Revocable Living Trust ensures that your assets are managed exactly how you expect them to be.

Why Work With Prather & Swank, P.A.?

Our attorneys at Prather & Swank, P.A. can help you choose which estate planning tool best fits your personal circumstances. We endeavor to be Fort Myers’s firm of choice by providing clients with personalized will and trust preparation. We always work with warmth, compassion and excellence. For questions regarding wills and trusts or to get legal representation, contact Prather & Swank, P.A. at 239-288-4315.